FOX NEWS correspondent Leland Vittert, talked with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about being attacked by violent protesters while covering the demonstrations in front of the White House. Vittert detailed the vicious attack on him and his crew. Saying, “They were throwing water bottles. They were hitting us. We, of course, didn’t have the riot shields or the protective gear that the Secret Service did. fists. try to kick us. trying to have us go down. one of our security guys. Took a shot to the jaw with a closed fist. I took a bunch of kidney shots. They took the microphone out of me, which is, you know, from being on air is a pretty heavy stick. And started beat me with it and then threw it at me and hit me with it. Christian’s camera got smashed and grabbed. This was a violent encounter and it continued for minutes.” Vitter said having spent years reporting in foreign nations and dangerous situations, “I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me In America”

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