Fox News Rundown Extra: A Pastor’s Fight To Reopen His Church

Many churches across the country will remain closed this weekend due to the coronavirus and the social distancing guidelines still being enforced by some states. However, there are some religious leaders defying their governors and holding services anyway.

One of them is Charles Clark III, who is a co-pastor at Solid Rock Baptist Church in Berlin, New Jersey.

Despite Gov. Phil Murphy’s order to keep churches closed to the public, he has decided to allow parishioners in .

Earlier this week, Clark joined host Dave Anthony on the Fox News Rundown to discuss his the motivatin behind his act of defiance and the lawsuit he plans against the state of the New Jersey. He also explained the precautions he is taking to help prevent his church members from getting Covid-19.

The conversation was too long and we could not include all of it in this week’s segment. You can hear the entire conversation on the Fox News Rundown Extra.