Last week, the world lost one of the greatest theological minds, Ravi Zacharias, after a battle with cancer. In Ravi's last Lighthouse Faith interview from June of 2019, he talks about his book, "The Logic of God." In so many ways this title typifies how Ravi defended the Christian faith. He based his beliefs in revelation, but also on reason and knowledge, taking on the most difficult questions because he knew that behind each question was a questioner seeking to understand the world and its meaning. His goal was not to win an argument, but to draw people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. This podcast is a tribute to Ravi.

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Listening to Ravi Zacharias will make you see a whole different way of looking at faith. First and foremost he helps people understand that everyone, even an atheist, has faith. Ravi is the founder of the international ministry, RZIM. His latest book, The Logic of God, is a 52 week devotional that asks the question, "is it logical to even believe in God?" And then he answers it by revealing what is in us, who are made in God's image. Ravi points out that while there is a coherence to God, that there are no contradictions in Him, there is plenty of contradiction in us. And there lies the quandary for humanity.  Ravi challenges people of all different faiths on what they actually believe. To me he was one of those people who is wickedly ( in a good way) smart.  In a room full of great minds, Ravi could be considered today, the greatest among equals. He understands humanity through science, sociology, psychology, physiology, and just about any other -ology you can name. Can we live without God? It's not about whether God exists, but rather to what do we look to find our purpose and meaning in life.