President Trump signed an executive order challenging liability protections for social media companies on Thursday following his latest feud with Twitter. It was over the company’s decision for the first time to fact-check the President’s tweets about mail-in ballots. FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace weighs in on the feud. He also discusses former VP Joe Biden leaving his basement for the first time, face masks being politicized and the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

As America remains partially closed due to coronavirus social distancing guidelines , some religious leaders across the country are defying their governors by opening up their churches! Charles Clark III, co-pastor of Solid Rock Baptist Church went against New Jersey’s stay-at-home orders and held a service last weekend. Clark discusses why he is suing Gov. Phil Murphy and what precautions his church is taking to keep everyone safe.

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Plus, commentary by Former Deputy National Security Adviser, KT McFarland.