Host of The Story on FNC Martha MacCallum talked with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about the unrest in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd. Saying,

“I think there’s two ways that I look at it. One is just sort of on the individual level and looking at George Floyd and what happened to him. And I keep looking at the face of the police officer, the former police officer, Derrick Calvin, and the look on his face. And I’m trying to wrap my head around what possesses a person to kill someone that way in broad daylight with people sitting around saying probably one of the most frightening things you could say to any police officer in this environment. I’m I’m I have this on tape. I’m I’m filming you. I’m watching you. This will there’ll be repercussions. And he and he just has this sort of blank look on his face that makes me wonder, oh, my God, whatever. What happened to you? How how how can you how can you be capable of inflicting this pain on this man?”

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