On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest addressed President Trump's tweets about taking away the GOP Convention from Charlotte and the role Governor Cooper has in that decision.

"The Governor is holding up the show right now for August. We're talking about the very end of August. That's further away now than we are from the beginning of this whole coronavirus mess. And it appears to me that the Governor is playing politics at a time when there's no doubt that the economy in Charlotte and across North Carolina, the $138 million they're projecting bringing in there would really help the hospitality industry, the restaurant industry and all those workers that are needed to support something like this."

"We're so far out, we're opening our state slowly here. He's given directives to open things up but we're talking about months away. Right now, I believe we should say we're looking forward to a great convention at the end of August and get things rolling and get people some hope. We have over well over a million people unemployed. A significant number of those, as you know, come from the hospitality industry. And so, what a better boost? What better boost could you have and say let's have this convention and inject hundreds of millions of dollars into this economy?"