On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor and Author of Taken for Granted: How Conservatism Can Win Back the Americans That Liberalism Failed Gianno Caudwell criticized former Vice President Joe Biden after the Democratic nominee told "The Breakfast Club" that if African-Americans vote for President Trump over him, "they ain't black."

"My first thought was this is classic 'Plantation Joe.' This is an individual who's running for president, who's using rhetoric the Democrats have been successfully using for years. For those who chose to become conservatives and leave the Democratic Party, this is what we usually get out of them. And it's something that they've been force feeding to African-Americans, that if you become a conservative, then we're going to make you an outcast. We're going to say that you're not black, you're not a part of the community. And for me, this is more evidence that black lives don't matter to Democrats black votes do. And we'll continue to see this, I believe, throughout the election. But it's so rich to hear it coming from Joe Biden, the man who gave us the '94 crime bill, the man who gave us crack laws, the man who gave us the three strike rule, the man whose policies led to the highest unemployment for African-Americans, the most African-Americans on food stamps. You talk about an individual who shouldn't be president of an air conditioning company. This guy shouldn't be running for office, he should be put out to pasture. But this is who the Democrats have chosen to be their messenger to the African-American community. And as you can tell, it's not going well."