Lt. Governor of Texas Dan Patrick called in to the Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss the steps Texas, and the nation, are taking to safely reopen their economies. The Lt. Governor thinks it is of particular importance that sports and sports venues open up sooner rather than later.

"There's no reason we can't put in 25% of the fans in a stadium," Patrick said. "You take their temperature when they go through security, that's easy. You ask them to wear a mask. The computers can put out seating charts that are very easy to formulate," he added.

The Lt. Governor also pushed back on some media outlets who report on rising coronavirus case numbers without adding the necessary context of increased testing ability.

"This is really interesting. You don't get it wrong and Fox doesn't get it wrong but almost everyone else seems to get it wrong including local media and I think the national media, they get it wrong on purpose," said Patrick. "The more testing you do, the more positive cases you're going to have because you're revealing the people who have it that you wouldn't know otherwise unless you tested them. So, of course the positive cases go up and I see the local newscasts, the national newscasts every day with this headline that I think frightens people," he continued.

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