Reports from the NYT and WSJ show that a vaccine trial that is trying to find a cure for Coronavirs seems to be showing Promising early results. Guy started off the show today by reading the report. Reading from the NYT,"The first Corona virus vaccine to be tested in people appears to be safe and able to stimulate an immune response against the virus. Its manufacturer, Modano, announced Monday. Today, the findings are based on results from the first eight people who received two doses of the vaccine starting in March. Those people, healthy volunteers, made antibodies that were then tested in humans cells in the lab and were able to stop the virus from replicating." Guy said in response of the good news,

"I am feeling extremely optimistic today. And I want to temper it and not get too optimistic and oversell it too much. But I think there's been so much terrible news and we're talking about the struggles of reopening schools and these horrible death numbers and nursing homes. And we bring you the updates every single show cases and deaths in the U.S. It's a drumbeat of negativity, worry, strife, disagreement. One of the few things where I think we can all agree is the fervent hope for a vaccine or a cure."

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