Even before there were questions surrounding the origins of the coronavirus and how China handled the outbreak, America's relationship with the nation was strained.

We were in the middle of a trade dispute and many U.S. lawmakers, including President Donald Trump, were accusing China's government of stealing our country's intellectual property.

The pandemic and concerns over our supply lines have only exasperated the tensions.

Earlier this week, host Dave Anthony spoke Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo about this growing conflict and her new special, "Fox Nation Presents America vs. China."

In the segment, the host of 'Mornings with Maria' and 'Sunday Morning Futures' said the current global crisis has alerted many Americans to the threat China poses on our country. She even suggested they were a bigger threat than the coronavirus!

The interview was full of great information, but it was too long and we could not include the whole thing in our original segment.

On The Fox News Rundown Extra, you will hear more from Maria Bartiromo and her take on both China and our current economic crisis.