On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox & Friends Weekend Co-host Pete Hegseth talks about his new book American Crusade, and why people can't think Joe Biden would have done better with a reaction to the coronavirus.

"If you look at his level of support after what's been done to him after three and a half years. People are not going to blame him for the reaction to coronavirus. I don't care how much they try to dig into did he do this or did you do that one week too soon or one week too late? He comes off as earnest and invested. And he took a big move early and then he shifted the responsibility over to the states. And now he's the cheerleader for the country. And I think he's projecting that he wants a vaccine and all these things. They're not going to blame him for it. They're going to blame China. And then they're gonna look at Joe and they're going to go, 'You would have done it better? Really? Are you kidding?'"