On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Citizens United President and Fox News Contributor David Bossie explain why Democrats who wanted to "destroy" Michael Flynn and others need to pay for their actions now that the charges against Flynn have been dropped.

"What they did to Michael Flynn, what this group of people have done to innocent people who just chose to work for Donald Trump, that was their only crime, which is not a crime. But in their minds, they worked for Donald Trump and they must be destroyed. And they use the levers of power in government and tax dollars to investigate them. They used FISA warrants to investigate them. They used every available avenue to try to destroy people. And so I can assure you that there's no feeling of detente on our side. These people must be rooted out and they must be held accountable. And that means they must be made to pay. No one knows what's happening with it, obviously, because it's a grand jury investigation. So it's top secret. But it is something that must be dealt with and dealt with correctly, and must be dealt with thoroughly. And that's what we feel that John Durham is doing. And I think we as Trump's supporters, people who watch this, have to be have to be satisfied with whatever John Durham says."