Christianity is a global religion. It is a faith for all races, languages and cultures. Yet it is viewed as a religion of the West, of Europe and America. However, its roots are in the East. And so much about its nuances of meaning are lost when the Eastern and Middle Eastern mind-set is not properly understood. So says, Abdu Murray, a former Muslim turned Christian apologist (defender), who has co-written a book with internationally renowned theologian Ravi Zacharias called, "Seeing Jesus From The East: A Fresh Look At History's Most Influential Figure." Both men were raised in Eastern cultures; Ravi in India, and Abdu in the Middle East. Both understand Jesus through the lens of their cultural heritage, which is closer in fact to the one in which Jesus lived out His ministry. For instance the East is a shame and honor culture while the West is mainly a guilty or innocent culture. The first is more communal, the second is more individualistic. What that means for how one views Scripture, the parables of Jesus, and all the beloved Bible stories, is huge! On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Abdu breaks it down and reveals realities that were hiding in plain site.