As states begin to reopen or plan to start up their economies and move forward from Covid-19, how safe is it for people to return to normal? What precautions need to be taken at the federal, state and local levels to keep the coronavirus from spreading and make people feel safe as we wait on a vaccine? Dr. Syra Madad is the Senior Director of New York City's System Special Pathogens Program and she joins the 'Rundown' to answer all these questions and more.

She tested positive for COVID in early March just as the outbreak was ramping up. She has since recovered and is trying to mobilize people like herself to help fight the virus. Diana Berrent, survivor of COVID-19 and founder of Survivor Corps, explains her experience battling the illness and how she is urging other survivors to donate their blood in an effort to find an effective treatment.

Plus, commentary by former Clinton pollster and managing partner of the Stagwell Group, Mark Penn.