Despite America's economy still being largely shut down, rent or mortgage payments are still being collected. With 30 million people losing their jobs in the last six weeks, many people are having a hard time coming up with the money. This is why there is pressure on Washington to pass yet another stimulus package. Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) explains his plan to help those Americans who may be struggling: giving $2,000 a month until America reopens for business.

Italy, Europe's hardest hit nation and the first country in the world to implement a nationwide lockdown because of the coronavirus, has begun to reopen parts of its economy, after a decline in Covid-19 cases and deaths. FOX News Foreign Correspondent Amy Kelloogg spoke with us from Florence, Italy about the country's decision to ease restrictions, the different phases to get the country back to normal safely and what the rest of the world can learn from Italy.

Plus, commentary by Johnny "Joey" Jones, retired Marine and host of the "Proud American" podcast.