Consumers are rushing to buy meat amid shortage concerns after the USDA reported beef and pork production were down significantly in April. Meat production plant closures brought on by coronavirus are compounding the problem. Leslie Sarasin, President and CEO of the Food Industry Association, discusses the strain on our supply chain, efforts by President Trump to curb the shortage, and the impacts Americans might see in grocery stores.

In the last couple of months the coronavirus has completely changed our daily lives including the American workforce. The virus has created "essential" workers, remote workers and the increasing unemployment across the country that doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. The big question is, when we finally return to our new normal, what will the future of jobs look like? How has this pandemic changed the way we work, what adjustments will be made permanent and what will companies and employers do to survive if there is another crisis? Chief Knowledge Officer at the Society for Human Resource Management, Alex Alonso and Global Leader of Deloitte's Human Capital Practice, Erica Volini weigh in.

Plus, commentary by FOX Nation host Tammy Bruce.