On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel explained why Hillary Clinton's endorsement of Joe Biden could fire up more Republicans than Democrats and compared her to one of the starts of the Netflix documentary Tiger King.

Failla: "I have been saying they would replace Joe Biden with Joe Exotic before they gave it to Bernie Sanders."

McDaniel: "Or Carol Baskin."

Failla: "Is that do you mean Carol Baskin or is that your analogy for Hillary? Because I've heard that bandied about, too."

McDaniel: "I don't know who's worse, Carol Baskin or Hillary. They're kind of in the same bucket. I think Hillary Clinton has wanted the reins of power like nobody else in the history of this country. And that's saying a lot. And I do think that in the backdrop of how Democrats treated Monica Lewinsky to become the #MeToo party, to now the move on party when it came to Joe Biden, I thought it was fitting that she was endorsing him during this scandal, because it just once again underlines the total hypocrisy of the Democrat Party. They are with you until it's not in their best interest. I think she still thinks people wish she was less president. But she's a great motivator for our base. I'm for Joe taking around the road, bring her to Michigan, bring her to Pennsylvania, bring her to Wisconsin. I hope he picks her for VP, because she definitely gets our base motivated."