When terrorists attacked Lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001, the country was in a state of shock, the economy took a massive hit and many Americans thought we’d never be the same.
While our country was changed after that crisis, both America and New York recovered.
George Pataki was the governor of New York on 9/11 and he helped in that recovery.

On the Fox News Rundown earlier this week, Gov. Pataki joined host Dave Anthony to discuss how that national crisis compares to what America is experiencing now as we try to combat both health and economic threats from the coronavirus.

Pataki saw several parallels between 2001 and today, and weighed in on how our national and local leaders are responding to the pandemic. He also offered some advice to those leaders and had some criticisms for the media’s coverage.

The full interview was candid and insightful, but too long and we could not include it all in our original segment.

This episode of Fox News Rundown Extra includes the entire conversation with former New York Governor. Besides hearing more about Pataki’s views on leadership and his experience coping with challenges of 9/11, you will hear his take on modern day politics and the 2020 race.