On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Liz Peek discussed the possibility of Hillary Clinton replacing Joe Biden for the Democrats if his candidacy continues to be an “awkward situation” for the party.

“The Biden camp wants this to go away. They want to push it under the rug. All the Democrats took the talking point that The New York Times had exonerated him. Not true. Even The New York Times, for heaven’s sakes, had to come out and say, no, we did not prove that that that she’s lying. This is a very awkward situation. This comes on top of the fact that it’s becoming increasingly obvious that I think it was today, when he was being interviewed on this topic, that Joe Biden is not ready for primetime or perhaps he was ready once and he’s no longer ready for primetime. He has these awkward moments where he really doesn’t seem like he knows he starts one sentence in Dubuque and ends up in Manchester, doesn’t really know how he got there. He’s kind of befuddled, et cetera. This is not a joke, and though there’s a lot of amusement on Twitter about it, it’s a serious problem, and Democrats know that. They’ve known it for a couple of years. They panicked because Bernie Sanders looked like he was going to be the lone survivor and their candidate. And now they have Joe Biden. And believe me, there is the potential for Joe Biden to be asked to step down at some point between now and November and Democrats put someone else in his place. And the only person really equipped to do that, I think, is Hillary Clinton.”