What might be surprising to know is that viruses are essential to life. However, about 1% at most, are what’s called ‘pathogenic’, they are harmful; they can cause everything from the common cold to the Coronavirus. So why did God make a world in which what can be so good for us, can also potentially bring our death? On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, noted Mathematician and Christian apologist Dr. John Lennox, talks about that very question. He has written a small but powerful (and timely) book, called “Where is God in a Coronavirus World?” Lennox says that things like Covid-19 are what’s known as ‘natural evil’. They are part of the brokenness in this natural world, like tsunamis and tornadoes. There is no human agent, as with ‘moral evil’. There’s no one to blame or judge. But what these natural evils force us to do is to come to terms with death; our own as well as those whom we love. But it’s not just about doom and gloom. God has, and always did, have a plan for the world He created. Dr. Lennox looks to the joy and the hope that God has promised as well.