On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, author and talk show host Dave Rubin explains why there seems to be a double standard when it comes to the allegations made by Tara Reade regarding Joe Biden.

"The allegations against Kavanaugh and the allegations against Biden are the same thing. Not every detail is the same, but they're just unproven allegations. When it goes against the conservative, we know that for weeks it's going to be on the cover of everything and there's going to be #MeToo movements and attempts to destroy this man's life and everything else. Right now, literally the exact same people who said believe all women now don't want to believe all women because it's their person. So I think this is one of the things that Trump has always understood. It's like the left sets a certain game plan. They play by a certain set of rules or they set the rules. But then they don't play by their own rules. And we're seeing that right now."