On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN) explains why he voted for the last COVID-19 stimulus packages, but warns that Congress will have to show some fiscal responsibility the next time around.

"Where the Democratic Party is right now, and this is where they are as a party, is they can't spend enough. That's their mantra. And in case after case, it's amazing how they go through this. And we're going to have to show some fiscal constraint for the American people, some type of fiscal responsibility as we go forward, because we are in debt as a nation. We have stepped up four times. There may be another bill later this year, but we've got to be very careful and we need input. These bills have largely been put together by leadership without much input from the members. I understand crisis and that's why I did vote for these bills. But the next bill, and I give Senator McConnell high marks for this, says he wants us all to work on this as legislative bodies as we should through the House, through the Senate, through relatively normal procedures so that we get a bill that better addresses the needs of the American people."