On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses how the Governors of Michigan and New Jersey are infringing on the rights of citizens by using law enforcement to enforce COVID-19 guidelines.

"These so-called laws were written by governors. And in our system of government, governors don't write laws. They enforce laws that have already been written. So her executive orders, just like Governor Murphy in New Jersey, that the two of them are almost in a game with each other to see who can interfere with more personal liberty. Their executive orders are just their guidelines. However, they are dispatching police to enforce them. None of these enforcement actions will come to a trial until the courts are open again. And at that time, the courts will basically say to prosecutors there is no statute. The governor can't write a law and assess a penalty. That's the background. What's going on in Michigan is an effort by a Republican legislature to tell a Democratic governor, stop with these executive orders and we're going to take money away from you and forbid you from using the police to enforce these things. Now, that is a local Michigan issue. There's probably a little bit of politics and there, Republican against Democrat, but she is the most extreme."