On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, physician and Congressman Greg Murphy (R-NC) explains why America is in a good position to slowly start the economy back up in certain areas.

"I put my physician hat on because I've now been a surgeon for over thirty years and I still practice. I still try to maintain relevancy in that regard. So I looked at this entire crisis, really not through the eyes of a member of Congress first, but through a physician's eyes first. And I studied it and I really think we did the appropriate things in North Carolina. I urged that at the appropriate time that we really do shut the state down in certain areas and we did. And we we subsequently had the results that I thought we would have. We've blunted the curve. We really done very, very well, especially in eastern North Carolina. I believe that it is time now to use those experiences, use that data, use that science to slowly open our economy back up. 26 million people in the country unemployed at 20 percent unemployment rate. There are segments of our society which we can today, in my opinion, open up safely while we continue to work on medicines, therapeutics to treat people with the virus, and a vaccine to help prevent it. We face a total economic collapse in this country, which would be horrible for everyone if we do not start the road back."