Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) joined Brian to break down what is in the interim coronavirus funding bill that was just passed by the Senate.

“I’m relieved that we have, again, unanimously passed a significant relief package for Americans, for small businesses, for non-profits and for hospitals,” he said. Though the bill now includes $60 billion for community based lenders, which will help small businesses secure loans without having had a previous banking relationship, Coons also wanted more relief for state and local governments.

“There was a significant disagreement between the parties about the urgency of adding relief to states and local governments. That did not end up in this bill. I frankly don’t understand why we couldn’t have done both,” he said.

Senator Coons also voiced support for a mail-in voting option for all Americans in November and said he expects his state of Delaware to begin opening back up in a month’s time.

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