As the Coronavirus task force meets daily President Trump has left reopening of the economy to the Governors' judgment. Liz Claman host of The Claman Countdown and the Everyone Talks To Liz podcast discusses the different phases of reopening the U.S. economy, what challenges we can face in the future and how it is going to affect daily life. 

How we grieve the loss of a loved one is changing during the coronavirus outbreak. Funeral homes are adjusting to social distancing rules, and implementing smaller gatherings during a memorial service. Some families are postponing services until the Covid-19 pandemic subsides. Memorial planner Jennifer Muldowney discusses how her job has drastically changed because of the outbreak, why she thinks memorial services are still so important during this time and what she suggests for families grieving.

Plus, commentary by Brian Kilmeade Co-host of Fox & Friends and host of Fox News Radio The Brian Kilmeade Show.