On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) explained why the bill Congress will vote on Wednesday to fund more small businesses is being hampered by what Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi wants to put in it.

“She’s out of touch. And either she doesn’t care or she just doesn’t understand what business people go through. We knew the stimulus was going to run out, that was no secret. There’s not enough money to print to satisfy all the needs. But this is just a stopgap measure until we, one, get a vaccine, and two get the personal equipment so that it won’t run rampant all over the country. But it sure doesn’t help with some of the statements she’s made, but What we can agree with is we’re all Americans. And we should be pulling together, and we’ll find out, when we vote on it Wednesday, how sincere she is. We had a conference call last night with our Caucus and behind the scenes, it’s still not pretty with what she’s trying to add. And it’s got to be a one page document that goes to the small business in this country that’s very simple. And I think it ought to go to the banks and those it could not, or didn’t have the wherewithal to participate and should be participating. And it ought to go to the small businesses, not pet projects and not one dollar out to to go to any pet project, not just for her, but for any of us.”