On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Jimmy spoke with Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Josh Gotthiemer (D-NJ) and Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) about how Washington is handling the COVID-19 crisis and Rep. Gottheimer joining President Trump's bipartisan Advisory Council focusing on reopening the economy:

Gottheimer: "Among other things we talked about this morning was the checklist that the Problem Solvers are working on and and how we've got to figure out a way, in a safe way, figure how we're going to reopen the country and make sure our businesses are okay and our workers are OK. And first and foremost, that we keep people healthy. In New Jersey, here in my district, the worst hit in the state, it's just God awful. And I know Tom also is dealing with so many issues. And we've just seen, all by talking to each other every single day, we're able to understand what it is we need to do as a nation to make sure we keep people safe and be smart about how we ensure our businesses are strong, and on the other side of this, that our jobs are there."

Reed: "The fact remains here is the virus is here. And how we deal with it, how we learn from that situation and how we go forward is what's going to be able to put us in the best position to open up America safely and get folks back to work. It's critical we get folks back to work because the economic devastation leads to some tremendous public health negative consequences. If we if we're afraid to just step into this lead, do it right, rely on the data, rely on our health system. We're Americans, for Pete's sakes. What we do is we solve these problems and we have each other's back, it's why we do it."