On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Lisa Boothe explained why President Trump was right to want to defund the WHO and what that could mean for China when the COVID-19 crisis ends.

"I think the real accountability and the onus needs to be put on China. Some of the things that President Trump had talked about earlier on in his administration were sort of saying why some of that focus was there for the President. Even just look at the global supply chain and you look at the fact that 80-90 percent of our antibiotics are purchased from China. They've kind of threatened us on some of that as well as we've ramped up some of the rhetoric against China. So I think we need to take a really, really hard look at China after this is all over. And hopefully we can get some some support from the U.K. and some other countries and kind of aiming that focus on China and putting the screws to them."