On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Correspondent At Large Geraldo Rivera explained why he think the way reporters are engaging President Trump and the way he is responding back is making both sides look bad.

"I think the presidential briefings have disintegrated into knife fights. The reporters do seem to be after 'gotcha' questions and the President unfortunately, and I'm generally supportive of him, he plays he engages in a way that, like with Paula Reid yesterday, it was really disgraceful. I thought that she made her point, she kept going, and if the President could have just moved on, but instead, he chose to have a sword fight, a knife fight with her. And I just didn't think that it was very reassuring to the American people. I don't think elicited any important information in the midst of this crisis."

"I want him to be more Reaganesque, in the sense of city on the hill, all in this together, let's pull together in one direction. And instead of trying in real time to take the record and make the record something that he wants. I didn't even mind the campaign ad, I understand why he why he ran it. I just think that it's unbecoming for the most powerful man on earth to be engaged with a reporter about stuff that, in the long run, he disagrees with or he agrees with that."