For weeks, both The World Health Organization and China have been under fire over their early response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier this week, President Trump slammed W.H.O and threatened to freeze their funding, accusing them of not taking the virus seriously as it spread through out China.

And a recent report that China was deliberately concealing their total number of COVID-19 cases sparked international outrage,

Last week, President of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media Ian Bremmer joined host Jessica Rosenthal on the Rundown to discuss the pandemic and weighed in on how both W.H.O and China handled the crisis.

Bremmer also weighed in on America's response and his concerns for how underdeveloped countries could be impacted by the spread of the virus.

The original segment only included part of this alarming conversation.

This episode of the Fox News Rundown Extra includes the full discussion with Ian Bremmer and more of his take on how we got here and how we get out of this.