While it has been on the backburner for weeks, there is a presidential race going on and Americans are stills expected to vote in November.

The coronavirus, however, has made this one of the most usual political races in American history. Rallies have been cancelled and primaries have been pushed back.

President Donald Trump has been seen daily during the White House's coronavirus briefing, Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have been fighting for any media attention.

Earlier this week, former 2008 Obama-Biden campaign manager David Plouffe joined the Rundown to discuss the impact COVID-19 outbreak is having on the 2020 race and how the campaigns are being forced to adapt.

Plouffe explained why Biden and the Democrats are at a disadvantage despite the uncertainty and growing economic crisis. He also weighed in on the growing popularity of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and how social distancing could impact how voters cast their ballots.

It was a great conversation, but because of time we could not include all of it in the segment that ran this week.

On the Rundown Extra you will hear the full conversation with David Plouffe including more about his new book, 'A Citizen's Guide to Beating Donald Trump.'