On FOX Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News's Juan Williams discussed whether Florida and other states responded to the coronavirus crisis in a timely fashion.

"We're trying not to be political here, but why is it that all the states that haven't shut down yet, I think they're twelve or thirteen remaining, are red states and Republican governors? And DeSantis, he said, go to the amusement parks. Disney and the like had to shut down before he issued an order. And the beaches, he just wouldn't shut down and then the spring break thing happened. But I guess that his thinking is the President didn't issue the order. Now, Bill Gates the Microsoft billionaire, he said we need a total shutdown, but the President won't do it. And he wouldn't tell DeSantis to do it. And until we started to see the exponential rise in the spread of the virus in Florida, DeSantis wouldn't do it without Trump holding his hand."