Easter is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus following his death and burial. The Bible quite clearly says in all four Gospels that Jesus died on a cross. He was crucified. (The majority of Historians have consensus on this fact well). What the Bible does not explain, is the process by which His body shut down; in other words, a medical examiner’s detailed description of cause of death. Many scientists over the years though have. Their findings usually point to asphyxiation, because the stress on the body having the arms extended and all the body weight not being supported, or another conclusion was cardiac rupture. But Dr. Joseph Bergeron believes it was something else. He explains his findings in his book, “The Crucifixion of Jesus: A Medical Doctor Examines the Death and Resurrection of Christ.” In this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Dr. Bergeron talks about Jesus’s death, and also the theological background and historical context of His life, death, and resurrection; and that it should be vitally important to the entire scope of humanity. Dr. Bergeron is a doctor of faith who not only examines the “How” of Jesus’ death, but the far more important question of “Why?”