On FOX Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) responded to the calls from the left to no longer broadcast the daily coronavirus briefings held by President Trump.

"They've got a lot of gotcha questions. I mean, there's been some legitimate questions. But to ask the President how many deaths are acceptable, is New York starved for the various PPEs, instead of listening? This President has brought in experts from all over the country, in the private sector, in the medical profession, and has taken on all questions every day. And to have Don Lemon, who yesterday said this is the President's new town hall is ridiculous and it's really unfortunate. The country is pulling together except the news media, who focus on hating this President so much. They've been trying to impeach the guy the last three and a half years. And it's ridiculous to see it now with towns shuttered. To have to answer those kind of questions, I'm surprised the president has kept his temper as well as he has with some of the ludicrous questions that he is being asked."