Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland joined the Brian Kilmeade Show to talk about how his state is being affected by the coronavirus and what they're doing to combat it.

"We're actually up several hundred more [cases] today and we've quadrupled in the Washington metropolitan area in just the past few days. We're now over 3,000," he said.

Gov. Hogan praised FEMA for stepping in to help track the number of ventilators in the country and to identify where there are shortages, but added, "it's going to take some work."

"It's going to be a terrible shortage of ventilators across the country. It's something we're going to work together with them on to try to get an inventory all across America and they've utilized the Defense Production Act to try to get some of these things produced as quickly as possible because that's really going to be one of the biggest problems we're going to be faced with."

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