On FOX Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Medical Correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel discussed how successful social distancing has been in fighting the conronavirus and why more people need practice it.

"I think that social distancing works. I think that some of these anti-virals will work. And it already has a tendency, this virus, to spread from one region to another. Over time, the population is going to build up enough immunity on its own to slow it down because of something called herd immunity, which is not a term we usually use in pandemics. Nobody's seen this virus before, but it seems to spread asymptomatically so often and it may have been around a lot longer than the Chinese were saying. I wouldn't be surprised to start to see some slow down by some herd immunity occurring. I'm hoping that's true. It may be what the issue is in China that's slowed it down. Public health measures certainly helped in China. That's a society where people are a little more compliant. Here, we're having a lot of trouble getting people to comply. You may hunker down in your home, but if your neighbor doesn't, it's very problematic."