Earlier this week, host Jessica Rosenthal spoke to Brock Long, the former head of FEMA who led hurricane recovery efforts in 2017 and 2018. He also spearheaded efforts during Northern California’s deadly Camp Fire.

Brock joined the Rundown after President Trump announced FEMA had been activated in all regions and placed on its highest alert level to combat the coronavirus threat.

We asked the former FEMA director what role the agency can play during a virus outbreak and how they can help states and local governments. He also talked about his experience running FEMA and how he quickly learned how underprepared we Americans were and are for a major disaster.

Because of time, we could not run our entire conversation. It was alarming and informative.

On The Fox News Rundown Extra you will hear our full conversation with Brock Long and hear more of his concerns about America’s preparedness and why he thinks America must run a “personally responsibility campaign” once this crisis is behind us.