The coronavirus has impacted every American, including members of Congress.

While lawmakers work out a new way to help those hit hard financially by the pandemic, some are forced to self-quarantine at home.

One of them is Senator Cory Gardner. He recently isolated himself in his Washington D.C. apartment after learning he came in contact with someone infected with COVID19.

The Colorado Republican joined host Dave Anthony on The Rundown earlier this week to discuss his self-quarantine and how he was continuing his work on the coronavirus financial relief bill.

Sen. Gardner also weighed in on Washington's new found bipartisanship, but also said the Democrat's efforts to impeach the President earlier this year distracted our country from the growing threat of the coronavirus.

The conversation was long and our original segment only featured portions of the discussion.

On the Fox News Rundown Extra, you will hear even more from Gardner including some 'behind the scenes' audio that includes the Senator explaining why the interview had to delayed due to a call from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.