President Trump announced this week that FEMA is now in charge of fighting the coronavirus pandemic. The president activated the agency at a level 1 response. Former FEMA administrator Brock Long explains what a level 1 response is, how his experience with handling U.S. disaster responses will help, and what steps need to be done to better prepare our country for crises like Covid-19.

While members of Congress try to work out a new way to help Americans hit hard financially by the coronavirus, some are forced to self-quarantine at home. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) has isolated himself in his Washington D.C. apartment after learning he came in contact with someone infected with COVID19. Sen. Gardner joins the Rundown to discuss his self-quarantine,  coronavirus financial relief and how the impeachment of President Trump distracted Americans from the outbreak.

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Plus, commentary by Jimmy Failla, host of "Fox Across America."