The Coronavirus has altered life as we know it. This pandemic has brought us a staunch reality that we are not in total control and that there are other forces, evil forces, if you will, that can change the path we thought we were on. Does God have an answer for us? Pastor Max Lucado, always a voice of faith and spiritual strength, is offering these words of wisdom, "I've been telling people, feed your faith and your fears will starve. But if you feed your fears, your faith will starve." On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Pastor Max Lucado, who's authored several books on God's promises, offers people hope as they deal with the global spread of the virus. He says getting news and information is good but saturating yourself with it is not. It feeds your fears. He recommends we counterbalance with Scripture reading, prayer, and finding an online community to connect with. We are venturing into uncharted waters. But the questions about God are similar to other times of great upheaval and uncertainty: "Is God angry with us? Are we living in the End-times? Will God prevail?" Listen to Pastor Max and the spiritual fortitude we can all benefit from. And especially listen to Pastor Max's prayer at the conclusion of the podcast. It will bring you much hope and comfort.