If you’re reading this there’s a one hundred percent chance you’ve been born. That’s the good news. But it also means that there is a one hundred percent chance you will one day die. In between those landmarks, the beginning and end of our life journey, many of us will marry and some of us will be responsible for the births of other human beings. It’s the circle of life. Theologian and author Dr. Timothy Keller, founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, and his wife Kathy, have written three small books that give guidance for these events in our life where we experience our greatest joys and our deepest griefs. The titles of the small handbooks are simply Birth, Marriage, and Death. Tim Keller says, “These are key times in which you suddenly are jolted out of the kind of obliviousness to the big questions of life. We’re just so busy doing things, we never sit back and say, what am I living for and what is it all about? And why are we even here? You never ask those questions. You’re too busy, especially in New York.” And the Coronavirus has certainly made many people focus on not only delaying the inevitable and staying healthy, but also asking whether God has anything to say about a global pandemic like Covid-19? And the uncomfortable question about whether or not it’s God’s judgment on a corrupted world. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, the Keller’s give a very nuanced, biblical answer to all these queries.