We are days away from the South Carolina primary, the last primary before Super Tuesday. Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier discusses if South Carolina is a make-or-break for candidates like former Vice President Joe Biden and what we should look for as Super Tuesday approaches. Columbia, South Carolina Mayor and national co-chair of the Bloomberg campaign Steve Benjamin weighs in on Saturday's primary and why the former New York City mayor shouldn't be counted out, even though Senator Sanders is the current Democratic frontrunner.

Clearview AI, a facial-recognition software maker that has angered privacy advocates but is also seen as a valuable tool for law enforcement, said Wednesday it suffered a data breach. The company has about three billion photos in its database and news of the breach has only increased concerns about the company. Bill Daly, former FBI investigator and Brett Larson, Fox News Headlines 24/7 Anchor & host of Fox On Tech join host Dave Anthony on today's Rundown to weighs in on the pros and cons of facial recognition territory

Plus, commentary by Colin Reed, former campaign manager for Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown.