Bernie Sanders has won the Nevada Caucus in a landslide and now the Democrat candidates have set their sights on South Carolina. Can Sanders ride the momentum of this win into the next primary and prove he is the candidate with the broadest support? Director of the FOX News Decision Desk, Arnon Mishkin, discusses the 2020 race and the likelihood of a contested convention.

The restaurant business is tough. Even in a strong economy, a lot of eateries have trouble surviving. On the Food Network series, Restaurant: Impossible, chef Robert Irvine has spent the last 16 seasons helping some of these struggling businesses by renovating their establishments, fine-turning their menus and offering them helpful advice. Chef Irvine joins the Fox News Rundown to discuss his career, the challenges restaurants face and why he has devoted so much of his life to helping veterans.

Plus, commentary by FOX News analyst, Juan Williams.