The Presidential Election season has officially begun. And amidst the mudslinging and vitriol that are sure to be constant companions of the political discourse, one author would like us to take a different approach. Pastor Robert J. Morgan is bent on helping people remember the foundations of faith that made America. His new book is a biblical American history lesson, called, "100 Bible Verses That Made America". On this episode of Lighthouse Faith Podcast, Morgan explains that his reason for writing such a book, is to remind people that the Bible is woven in and through America's conception and birth, and throughout its life.Starting in the 16th century with the arrival to the New World of the Spanish Conquistadors, a missionary named Antonio de Montesinos, quotes Mathew 3:3 to those who would treat the native inhabitants cruelly, recognizing that they too are made in God's image. And in the prologue, reminds us that America's first president, George Washington, kissed the sacred Scriptures at his inauguration. There are 98 more defining moments in America's history where the Bible is quoted as a source strength, compassion, mercy and light. There's so much debate today about whether or not America is a Christian nation. But for Morgan, there is no debate that the Holy Bible formed the basis of our Republic's beliefs about freedom and liberty.