This week's impeachment trial dominated the headlines, but the Trump campaign doesn't seem that concerned about it.

In fact, the head of the President's reelection team says the ongoing partisan battle is helping their efforts.

On The Fox News Rundown, President Trump's campaign manager Brad Parscale spoke to host Dave Anthony about the 2020 race and how the Democrat's effort to remove the President from office is impacting his relection.

Parscale told The Rundown that nonstop impeachment coverage has cause their fundraising to skyrocket and has allowed the President to make gains with independents.

The campaign chief also weighed in on Senator Elizabeth Warren's claim his boss was scared to run against her in November. He disagreed and said her nomination would be a "Christmas gift."

Because of time, we could not include our full conversation with Brad Parscale and many of his thoughts on the upcoming presidential race and President Trump's Democratic opponents never made our original segment.

On the Fox News Rundown Extra, our full interview with Brad Prascale. The man in charge of getting the president reelected, sizes up most of the Democratic field, and surprisingly offers some praise for Senator Bernie Sanders.

He also addresses President Trump's so-called "problem with suburban women", something Parscale also doesn't seem very concerned about.

Hear why on The Fox News Rundown Extra.