For brain surgeon Dr. W. Lee Warren, the crossroads of science and faith is his greatest challenge. What his Christian faith tells him, that God can heal our diseases, and what his medical knowledge tells him about a fatal cancerous tumor, forces him to navigate a constant struggle. His greatest nemesis is the most common brain tumor in adults. It’s called Gliobastoma Multiforme or GBM. And it’s 100 percent fatal. After decades of research there has been no clue as to a cause. And yet, Dr. Warren must give patients some kind of hope that miracles do happen and they could kick this thing. But what he has learned in this struggle, is that he doesn’t have all the answers. And humbly accepting that gives him strength that he can still be positive that God could intervene. After all, sometimes God heals miraculously, and sometimes God heals through the minds of medical professionals like himself. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, hear Dr. Warren explain why his book, called “I’ve Seen the End of You,” is a message of hope, when faith and doubt are equal partners.