The New Year is full of hope and blessings abound. That is how Joel Osteen lives life to the fullest. It's not that he believes he is one of God's favorite people. Of course he certainly would be within his rights to believe it since he's credited as being the fuel and fire behind Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas becoming the largest Christian congregation in the country. Osteen believes we all have favored status with the Big Guy, but many of us stop our own blessings by failing to tap into our greatest resource, God Almighty, the maker of heaven and earth. In this episode of Lighthouse Faith Podcast, Osteen talks about his new book, "The Power Of Favor: The Force That Will Take You Where You Can't Go On Your Own." He also talks about the miracles still happening today if we would only open our eyes to see them. And one event that could be construed as a miracle, his new found friendship with Superstar rapper Kanye West and West's faith conversion that paved the way for their collaboration at Lakewood last November, and their upcoming second act at famed Yankee Stadium in May. Osteen says, "I believe when you honor God, God can open doors that you would never you couldn't open. And I call it his favor, his blessing on your life." Start the New Year with a resolution to see the possibilities of miracles happening in your own life.