The Jewish community has been on edge nationwide after a man stormed into a Hasidic rabbi’s New York home and stabbed five people during a Hanukkah celebration.

The horrific attack was just the latest in a recent string of anti-Semitic assaults in New York City and elsewhere in the country.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, hate crimes against Jews have been up around the country over the last few years.

Earlier this week on the Fox News Rundown, host Jessica Rosenthal spoke to ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt and Simon Wiesenthal Center founder Rabbi Marvin Hier about the recent surge in anti-Semitism.

Both men addressed what they believes to be the causes of the hate, how local and federal governments should respond and the attempts by liberal and conservatives to point fingers and give blame.

Because of time, the original segment could not include everything both Greenblatt and Rabbi Hier had to say about the important issue they both called an ‘epidemic’.

On The Fox News Rundown Extra, we include our complete conversations with both ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt and Simon Wiesenthal Center Rabbi Marvin Hier. You will hear more about the history of anti-Semitism, how they it can be combated today and why they think there has been a flare up in recent years.