If you ask the average person about the Ukraine, their reference point will probably be the country that sparked the controversy over the impeachment hearings. But what most folks are unaware of is the global shakeup from Ukraine's Orthodox Church. And it may prove to be an even bigger deal historically. In this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Ukraine's Archbishop, the Metropolitan Epiphanius of Kiev, explains (through an interpreter) the religious quake of the church gaining its independence from the Russian Orthodox Church.There's politics aplenty in the landmark ruling called 'autocephaly', because religion and politics are so intertwined. Russia's president Vladimir Putin saw the Russian Orthodox Church as his 'soft power'. And what gave it great strength is the Ukraine Orthodox Church. Now that it's no longer under his power things are getting tense. Is there corruption in Ukraine? Absolutely. But first, the church has its hands full, keeping Russia from reclaiming them.